About CCIC

CCIC (China-Canada Investment Consulting) is a Canadian investment advisory organization focuses on investment services across Canada and China. It works for Canadian enterprises that need funds for business development and for Chinese investors who invest in Canada for long-term capital returns.

CCIC is one of the most pioneer investment consulting agencies of Canada targeting investment resources in China. It has broad connections with Chinese investment sectors and close relationship with governments cross the mainland. It is familiar with China’s overseas investment policies, regulations and operations, in-depth understand investors’ interests and concerns.

Recently It has two domains across Canada and China. Team China is based in Shanghai and Beijing. Team Canada is based at Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto. All of these resources are weaved together for professional, seamless services that solve your funding needs properly.                                                          


What We Do

For Canadian Enterprises: Comprehensive services in whole investment process include:

• Due diligence, financing, accounting, legal and management consulting through out whole investment session.
• Analyze, assess and derive investment attraction strategies, plans.
• Make investment invitation document and brochures for Chinese readers.
• Promote investment projects, organize investment events, fairs in China.
• Assist communication and negotiation with investors along whole investment operations.
• Post-transaction support in management transition, ownership exit.

Services Process for Seller

For Chinese Investors: Professional services for long-term capital returns by acquiring well performing Canadian businesses, assets, equities, debts:

• Identify Canadian investment opportunities.
• Advise on investment models, strategies and plan activities.
• Analyze investment criteria, risks and due diligence process.
• Visit Canada for face to face talks with sellers for better understanding the whole projects situation and environment.
• Assist negotiation for reaching transaction agreement.
• Post-transaction services: assist property or management transition.

Services Process for Investor

News and Views

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Current Event

  • PROMOTE CANADA IN CHINA: It is a customized trade promotion and investment attraction event for Canadian enterprises who conduct global strategies by expanding markets or obtaining investment from overseas. For more information...   

  • INVEST IN CANADA: This program provides Canadian enterprises the first hand, the most direct connections with the funding sources, enables you to meet your prospective investors with straight, face to face talks. It is a true opportunity for Canadian enterprises to unfold your business values and find your investors in China.  For more informaiton...   Online Registration



780-628-6692 (for Alberta)

604-338-6687 (for British Columbia)



Shanghai Office: sh@china-canada-invest.org

Beijing Office: bj@china-canada-invest.org